Have you ever been in situations where the only option you got is to win, get problem solved, and the goods delivered?

No situation/battle in life is the same, thus the need for different strategy. Brace yourself for the days ahead and do not throw pity-parties, because everything you ever believed is about to be brought under test. You are about to confront your biggest fears!

Many times we get caught up in a situation that we lose war strategies. Recently I have been studying the book of Esther. I came to know that for every battle there is a strategy that is required.

God is such a Great General, that He expects us His army to be dynamic in how we go for battle. Who would have taught from the beginning that Esther would be the Deliverer for her people. Her primary purpose was to replace someone who has been dethroned, but there is One who sees the end from the beginning. She was groomed and went through a process for this battle she would face in the future. All of her training was for this battle. I imagined how she would have reacted when the news of her people set to be destroyed was brought to her.

Everything Esther had been equipped for was going to be tried in this battle. What has your journey in life equipped you for, do you think it is for nothing? No. I am here to remind you that “You are here for such a time as this”, do not undermine your process. It is time to set your face like a flint and fight that battle, knowing that you have been equipped and favoured to execute it.

Esther, was like you and I, coming from a background where she was an orphan, but did not allow that to define or limit her, rather she embraced The One God sent to her life, to take care of her. We get stuck when we loose key people in our lives which should not be so.  God has a Mordecai for you.

Her ability to embrace Mordecai became the pillar for her to succeed in life.  She knew her back was covered as long as he was alive. His role in her life is so pivotal that even when she couldn’t know what to do with the evil report from Mordecai, she was challenged by Him and she rose up to it and to die for that cause. She realized that now, I am here for this battle and it has to be won.

Amazingly, she came up with the strategy and instructed her people to implement it and God gave them victory. What cause are you willing to die for and what strategy would you implement to overturn the plan of the enemy?

Everytime we experience victory, we are raising signpost for our God, who never fails in any battle.


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