Have you ever wondered why, women tend to spend lots of time on their external looks. Some say, because they are vain by nature, so say it reflects who you are. I see it from a place of how beauty is important.  Going back to creation, God is beautiful and all His works are splendid. He is beauty and everything He fashioned and designed on earth was to express His creativity. When He formed man, He placed His unique nature on Him, which means no one was born to be ugly but to reveal His beauty. In Psalm 139:14, it says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

The process women go through to look beautiful externally, can be likened to how Our Father desires to see us embrace His works in our lives and live it out daily. We get so consumed with lots of mundane things that we forget, the Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit in us and what it is meant to produce in our daily lives

We are called to move from one level of Glory to another. This Glory is the abiding Presence of God which we are expected to carry within us and reveal it everywhere we go. It was like in the days of Jesus. He did not announce Himself, what He was on the inside revealed who He was. I believe it is important we get our internal thoroughly cleaned and purged of every dirt, so that we can manifest His Beauty and Power on earth.

I can imagine what our lives will look like when we are beautiful inside-out.  I am sure the transformation that would take place in our community and nations would be awesome. Do not limit yourself to look good for what people can see, get into that hidden part and begin to scrub the dirt out with brush, the brush which is God’s Word.  As you consistently do that you will begin to see the beauty being restored back and you will like the fruit it produces.

We live in a world where all that matters is to hide the internal, and push out the external, but I have seen that over time if not addressed and dealt with, it will completely mess up the external and ruin your Identity.

There were ten virgins who were expecting the Bridegroom. They needed to make some preparations, while they waited for his arrival. Five were well prepared and had extra oil for their lamps, but the other five prepared but did not have extra oil for their lamps. Could it be that they were so occupied and carried away with their external  look on that day for the bridegroom, and forgot about having an extra oil, in case things do not turn out as  planned?

The Bridegroom came in late and they could not see him, due to the oil in the lamp was finished and their lights gone dim, unlike the other five, who had gone through an inward and outward pruning/process and knew it goes beyond what the external looks like. They were proactive and positioned themselves for the worst.

Now the five foolish virgins had to go out to buy extra oil, which they should have thought of before embarking on the journey. They would not have missed the groom if they had carefully gone beyond preparing externally.  Their internal should have been positioned for unforeseen circumstances. I believe that the process they took in preparing themselves was one that they might have been carried away with just wanting to show off to the groom, but the groom was expecting something more than the external beauty.

He did not want to be impressed by just the beauty; He was looking for fruits and wisdom in them. How much do you spend on your externals, at the expense of your internal? Do you not know that your body is the Temple of the Lord, and you are to keep it fresh and healthy?

It should be constantly checked on and see that it does not entertain any form of impurities. It is through cultivating a healthy heart that our beauty radiates the One in whom we believe. It’s time to take our beauty to a new level. Let it shine from the inside-out.

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