Many times we use the word ‘Late’, to describe a thing/situation that occurred not at the appropriate time. There were times I felt that my expectations were late in coming forth and so would want to give up. It is a common trait with the human nature. We live in a world where we want it as fast and quick as possible, but I have learnt that from creation, God had a process which had an appropriate time for everything.

One day Sarah got news from the angel of the Lord, about having a baby. She laughed about it because to her that news is long overdue and was coming at an inappropriate time- it was late and could not happen, having tried her best possible. She had looked at herself and believed that the time for the manifestation of the promise was long past. To the human mind that is true. She had seen that her internal organs and physiology could not house a child, thus being pregnant, talk-less of bearing a child was a dream long forgotten.

She was well advanced in age and now a baby? Where will she start in nursing and weaning one? Where is the strength for that? These are all the thoughts that might have run through her mind. She felt ridiculed by such word from the Lord and laughed about it. How many times have you received a word from the Lord and you laughed about it and brushed it aside? It does happen, because we think from a place of the natural mind, which is limited.

The prophecy became a reality, at the appointed time. The intention and purposes of God came into manifestation at His own timing. I believe that during the process of waiting for the promise, there was a window in the heart, which got opened for her, to dream again about having a baby of her own.

She made a huge mistake while waiting, in trying to fix things for God. However, her mistake did not stop the promise of God from coming forth. All of her experience during that time lag of the manifestation was a process to get her to see the purpose of God for her life and get her equipped for it.

We could look at it and say, but God why the wait for twenty five years?  Well to Him that is just like less than a day! He knew the best time for Sarah and Abraham and had both of them positioned for it. I believe that if they were alive today; they would say to me, “Wait for the promise no matter how long it takes, because in His own time He makes all things beautiful”. 

Isaac came forth and indeed was a blessing to them. Sarah? She had everything, psychologically, physically and physiologically to nurse the child of promise. God is dynamic in all His ways, and has His own timing which is nothing like ours, so let us get our hearts aligned to His timing and rejoice over the outcome of it all.   He is not a man that He should lie.

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