Walking through life at times has been lonely. Constantly wondering how I would survive worried me and seeking help seemed hopeless. Consequently, waking up every morning and not knowing what I would face, brought tension and anxiety that discouraged me from making progress. Yet, in all of this, I never paid attention to who I really was, and why I was here. I never sat down to think about my existence, until I realised that I had hit a major roadblock. This roadblock was ingratitude. 


As a result of this Ingratitude to life, I saw nothing good in me, recounted all my woes daily, felt inadequate and less unique than others. I paid so much attention to lies in my head and never took out time to appreciate the beauty in me. I allowed the opinions of others to overwhelm me and surrendered myself to being a Whiner. This robbed me of moving past my limitations and kept me incapacitated for decades, wishing that a day would come when it would all fly away and everything would be okay. 


Eventually, a day came when I was asked what I was grateful for and I replied nothing, then I was asked,  ‘do you like your fingers?’ and I answered ‘Yes’, and I was told to be grateful for that. I wondered what being grateful for my fingers had to do with gratitude. Well, it brought me to a place where I could see how beautiful and well created I was and to learn to appreciate that. I decided to take a step further and be grateful for my eyes, nose and other parts of my body.  


Practising gratitude changed my life as it brought healing, a perspective shift, wholeness and a healthy focus to my life. I saw a picture that was bigger than me and that I am wonderful, unique, fearless and beautiful. My body began to blossom and become fruitful daily. Gratitude took away the toxicity inside of me and filled it with Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. 


It became a fire extinguisher that shut down the negativity internally and externally.  As I watered my life daily with gratitude I grew and expanded in my sphere. Gratitude pushed me to victory,  matured me and brought me to a place of authenticity. No longer was I robbed of who I am. 


Choose Gratitude and walk away from Ingratitude. Make Gratitude your lifestyle.  


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