How do you feel walking whole heartedly with God, while waiting to possess your inheritance? Did you have to wait like Caleb, for forty five years for the fulfilment of it. It’s interesting How God works. When the twelve spies were sent by Moses to spy the land, it was said that Joshua and Caleb brought back positive news, the rest were negative.

Moses declared a word over Caleb that the Land on which your feet had walked will be for your inheritance and that of your children forever. Just as Moses’ proclamation, promises, words, declarations did not happen instantly. Caleb went through many processes for it to manifest.

The beauty of our testimony you will agree, is not always what the congregation or the public see, it is the ‘Things that lie in-between’ the period we receive the word and its full manifestation. The period can be termed, ‘The Cooking Period’.

The period where you deny yourself  food, drink and sleep in the middle of the night when others are sleep…and you know that this type goeth not out except by prayer and fasting; Those periods when you do not care if you are grammatically or politically correct; Those moments when your acrylic finger-fitting or fixing don’t matter to you; When you let your well-kneaded hair loose mixed with the tears and sweat, and say God, ‘I am your handmaid, defend your name for my sake, heal my deranged or wayward child even husband or wife; The midnights when you hold unto God for dear life or are in the gap for a dear one just handed ‘a critical doctors’ report or on life-support-when you know  deep down your guts that if God does not show up, you’d bury your head in shame, and the heathen will ask you, ‘Where is now that your God?’ My dear that is the waiting time, hidden from the publics’ eye. That is the real testimony.

The time of the word and manifestation was a time he had to learn how to wait on the promise. He was grateful for where he was and was also anticipating the manifestation of the promise- waiting on God in worship of Who He is and not your situation and confessing His word in spite of what your physical senses tell you. How much do you  wait on His promise, or do you easily run out of patience, and feel well let me work it out my own way?

Caleb did not gather an army to take over the land immediately. He was carefully studying about the place and taking notes of the government that ruled the place. He knew that at the right time he would possess it but also must be fully equipped to engage in the battle of ownership. He had to think of how to overthrow and dislodge the powers ruling over the land and establish the government of God. The Land was occupied by heathens and so it was not going to be an overnight victory without any war.

What battles for your inheritance are you willing to engage in and dislodge the present occupier? What are you doing as you wait for it to manifest? Study the place, find out the history and carefully seek the Lord on how to possess it and wait for the right time. At eighty-five years, his strength was as though he was forty (young). It goes to show that he was a person of His Presence. In God’s Presence, you receive strength and strategies to conquer your mountains.

He knew he had not lost the strength and capacity to go to war. When it was time he requested for His inheritance and got it. You do not need to toil to get what is rightfully yours, wait for your time and it will be given to you.

Remember to ask. Caleb asked, and that provoked God to fulfil His word and cause His servant Joshua to bless Him. Ask and it shall be given, Knock and it shall be opened….

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