We are in a beautiful season called “Passover”. It is a time of the Year, where I take out time to study the book of Exodus. That book brings me back to a place of detoxification in my body, spirit and mind.  It reminds me of the essence of True Freedom- I begin to look within and see places that I have been in bondage and begin to allow the Power of Jesus’ Blood to set me free.

Passover is a feast that reminds me of how the children of Israel were delivered from oppression in Egypt and most importantly it was also a time Jesus died and rose from the grave. This feast is so significant in the sense, that it shows how much we are loved by God.

I am reminded of how Israel has been in severe bondage and oppression. It was so hard on them, that the only choice they had was to cry to God. I remember going through oppression, and how I wept internally everyday, wondering “when am I going to be Free?”

It was the most difficult time of my life, my true identity was thwarted. I was abused emotionally and physically by people I looked up to. I began to have suicidal thoughts and felt not worthy of living. Today, it is history, because I had to reach out to My Only Anchor and He stretched out His Hands, delivered me and gave me victory.

We have different things that have kept us in bondage, but we can experience Freedom today by going back to where it all started. The cry of the Israelites got God’s attention and He came down for them. Are you ready to get God to come down for you in this season?

He is the same, yesterday today and forever, so He will do it for you. All you need is just weep, cry out. Psalm 34:7 says: The Righteous cry and the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

I believe you can experience the same victory. Not only were they delivered, He brought them out up to a land that was flowing with milk; a place of abundance.  The price of Freedom for God’s people is incomprehensible. The cost of our freedom is worth God’s while. It’s Time to be Free.



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