Rejection is a sinking feeling of not being accepted approved of and in some extreme cases, berated and abused by no design of the victim. It gives a deep-seated feeling of being unworthy and constantly faced by unhealthy competition and comparisons.

However, it has been observed that it is not usually the fault of the one who is being rejected. Rejection is often informed by the un-informed or under-informed and a jaded view of the one who is rejecting another. Also, this action is usually backed up by jealousy, envy, distrust and lack of confidence from the former to the later, so as to attack their self-confidence and derail the victims from their purpose and destiny.

Our text in John chapter 6 vs.21-71 shed light on the subject; vs. 42 illustrates how Jesus’ ministry was talked down at by neighbours who felt they ‘knew’ Him. They rejected the Son of God just like Israel rejected God would later go on to pay dearly for it.

Rejection is not a pleasant experience. Being rejected by your loved ones and people you consider closest to you is like thrusting the sword through ones bowels. Jesus was rejected by the His own people. At some point, they wanted to throw Him off the cliff because they could not stand Him.

Most of the time people reject you because they cannot stand you. They think they know much about you- how you were born, your upbringing or growing up, your family history, your ‘highs’ and your ‘lows’, therefore they do not deem you fit for certain positions or ‘manifestations’ of superior thinking or gifting.

You become an automatic candidate for rejection when you begin to shift from the norm and common things in your environment. The point when you realize you must not settle for less and begin to exhibit some form of self-awareness and identity recognition, steers the wheel of the ocean of wherever you are coming from.

When Jesus revealed His identity as ‘Bread of heaven’, His flesh to be eaten and blood drank, and being the divine agent of God on earth for the complete redemption plan, some of them were ‘offended’ and went back from following Him, (John 6 vs. 60-71). He further asked the twelve, if they were willing to stick with Him, for He knew (as God) what the days ahead held in its belly.

Until you read your mission/vision statements, you will never be able to decipher those who have the capacity to sticks with you! Isn’t it amazing that the people were only content with the ‘Miracles’ than the ‘One’ who performed them? They were quick to reject the Son of God when he reeled out His purpose.

We all get to that point on our voyage to purpose and destiny where we are afraid to walk alone. When the other disciples turned back from following because the saying was hard, Jesus turned to the twelve and asked…’will you also go away? Vs. 67. Although He was divine, yet He was human. The agony of being left alone by His own very disciples stared Him in the face.

Peter’s response though commendable could still not quench the flame of being rejected and ultimately betrayed by one of His own that dined and supped with Him. Rejection can come from any source. Little wonder that David recorded…’when my father and mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up’.

You need to know that you can’t choose how people respond to or treat you, but you can choose your own responses. Jesus never lost focus of His mission. He stayed on course, so much so that when the people in His community conspired to throw Him off the cliff, remember, He just kind of breezed pass them. You don’t have to give-up on yourself because God has not given up on you. You are actually His showpiece of grace and power. Constantly state your mission and vision loud to yourself and know the One that sent you. You’ve got God’s approval on your life.

Anyone who walks away from you was not meant to be a part of you. They might have lingered for some time or been around long enough on your schedule and list of ‘Family and Friends’, but they were never a part of what you did. They were just sceptics, seeking for an occasion to sell you cheap to the enemy; they had no value for your time and the things you stand for and uphold. It was just a matter of time- they were still going to leave anyway…But God always have a bigger plan! He is the bigger picture God. He calls the shots. The photo-shoot is just beginning. Get dressed; you will be gladly pleased at the end results.

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