Oftentimes we wake up and believe that we are the best navigators of our lives. Going on a journey that you are not familiar with requires getting a sat nav or using google maps or Waze to assist in directing you. You rely on these so badly that any attempt of power failure destabilizes you.  

This Instrument becomes the key component in leading you to your destination on that journey. It literally becomes your life guide and anchor. As wonderful and beautiful as this instrument is, there is a place it cannot direct you to. That place is You. Your Maker is the most powerful and legitimate navigator you will ever need in life. He formed you and has the manuscript of your life. The A to Z of your journey on earth. He is the sat nav of your life.

It is irrelevant to plan your life without Him because it would be headed for ruin and you would never be fully fulfilled. In every season and point in your life, He knows which direction is best for you. Your Maker cannot be manoeuvred or manipulated. He is not caught unaware by your misbehaviour. His expectation from you is your surrender and engagement with Him.  

As you continue this journey of life with Him, allow Him to be the Ultimate Navigator! Completely lean on Him, build a lasting relationship with Him and trust Him to direct your life. Life is fragile and short and can only be lived well when we allow the Ultimate Navigator to lead us. A ship depends on the captain to sail, it can never lead itself. 

Stop assuming you have all it takes to lead your life by yourself without the help of your Maker. You need Him because you cannot control the wind that blows on your path. The Ultimate Navigator is the master skilled driver. He never crashes or stops by any force. No barrier can hold Him down. He rules and reigns over the affairs of life. He created all that exists and He is timeless. He never runs out of resources that would lead you to your destination. He has everything needed for the journey. 

Our God is a Limitless God! Why don’t you take the passenger’s seat of your life and allow Him to drive! He’s the best and most reliable driver you would ever require in life.


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