For many people, Life has become uninteresting in the recent days; mostly because of the chaos and growing sense of uncertainty that is hovering around the word. It has so much weight that joy has ceased in the atmosphere


But 1 John3:8b says:

The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [has done].


This clearly tells me, that God saw what life would turn out to be in this time and sent His Son with the mandate to destroy the enemy and his cohorts ahead of time. Meditating on this Word shifted me to a place of living in the Victory that has been won. I am constantly reminded through the Word of God about the victory that we have in Christ.


Whose report will you believe today, the Word of the Lord or the News around you? Everyone has a battle they are facing now, but I encourage you to embrace this Truth and declare it. No life challenges are new to God, and He has made all things available for us to triumph over them.


The word undois understood as overrule, reverse, and untie what has been done. What is it that needs to be reversed or untied in your life?No matter what it is, I challenge you this day to begin to do that by opening your mouth and speak forth into it. Cease to murmur or complain. Hit the enemy with the Truth you have, as your weapon and declare that your Victory is here.


Mrs. Uchenna Samuel is a counsellor trained in the Prophetic Ministry, by Father’s Heart Ministry Missouri, and Global Sphere, Corinth, Texas USA. With a burning heart to see individuals and nations free, she set up the Warriors School and Warriors Arise commissions. She can be reached directly at

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