Prophetic Counseling

This is an interactive, in-depth counseling. It   gives you the ability to ask questions and share your heart in a live phone session and receive prophetic insight and utterance of God as feedback for your life and circumstances. These sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour which is dependent on your needs .You can contact me by email at admin@uchennasamuel.com, with the subject as “Prophetic Counseling” and then I can arrange with you the duration, time and location.

Warrior School

Here, we equip individuals in the overt and coverts skills needed to invade whatever sphere of influence they are called to, at whatever level of authority they are to exert, with a view to taking ground, establishing and expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our aim is to raise culture changers through

  1. Nurturing – to give each entrant spiritual nutrition, care and attention tailor made for the individual, building up broken areas, healing wounds
  2. Empowering – through the imparting and stirring up of prophetic giftings and resources
  3. Releasing – enabling individuals begin the fulfilment of their personal destiny journey, helping them get on their way to the ultimate completion of Heaven’s purpose on earth.

Courses will cover varied topics such as

  • Identity: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I from?
  • Worship: Prophetic worship in songs, arts,and more.
  • Deliverance: Dealing with not just demonic oppression, including strongholds of the mind, cleansing of polluted generational bloodlines
  • Healing: Physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Strategic warfare: Spiritual mapping, warring by the Spirit and more.


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Coaching/ Mentoring


Speaking Engagements